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PCR is shorthand for a simple but very useful procedure in molecular biology called the polymerase chain reaction. It is a technique used to amplify a segment of DNA of interest or produce lots and lots of copies. In other words, PCR enables you to produce millions of copies of a specific DNA sequence from an initially small sample – sometimes even a single copy. It is a crucial process for a range of genetic technologies and, in fact, has enabled the development of a suite of new technologies.
Labio has PCR plate, PCR Tube, PCR Strips, which can adapt to difference instruments.
  • PCR Strip
  • PCR Strips
  • 384 PCR Plate
  • 96 PCR Plate 0.2ml
  • 96 PCR Plates
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Understanding Pathology Department Consumables – Embedding Cassettes

Understanding Pathology Department Consumables – Embedding Cassettes There are many types of embedding boxes used for embedding, including the following types: Coverless cassette series:    Covered cassette series      Small hole gastroscopy cassette series Special for mark...

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Disposable nitrile gloves or latex gloves, which one is better?

1.Different materials Disposable nitrile gloves are made from nitrile rubber, while disposable latex gloves are made from natural latex. 2.Which one is more elastic? The latex of disposable latex gloves is made from rubber tree sap, so its elasticity is better than nitri...

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